Villu is a film eagerly expected in commercial film circles. It has everything that can satisfy audiences: Vijay and Nayantara in the lead roles; directed by Prabhudeva (who had proved his entertaining skills through the super-duper hit Pokkiri; add Devi Sri Prasad’s music to the above mix and what do you get? An explosive and enthralling combo!

Lyrics of ‘Hey Rama’ have Vijay’s usual comedic punch. Sung by Amal Raj and Kovai Sarala providing the extra effects, it is also the title number.

‘Jalsa Jalsa’ is similar to what Devi Sri Prasad has done before. However, Baba Sehgal’s animated voice and Vijay’s lively dance should make this song different and novel.

‘Are You Crazy’ is just a short and sweet mocking number by Divya.

‘Daddy Mummy’ is in Mamta Mohandas and Naveen Madhav’s voices. With a lot of musical presence in her voice, Mamta renders the number in her crackling, strongly modulated style. Naveen too has made his striking contribution to the number.

‘Dheemthanakka Thillana’, the typical Vijay song, focuses entirely on rhythm. However, the tune and the emotion too captivate passionate listeners.

‘Jalsa Jalsa’ has a repeat version. Devi Sri Prasad and Baba Sehgal make an electrifying combination.

‘Nee Kobapattal’ is the only song with a slightly slow-paced rhythm. Sagar adds maximum effect with his mellifluous voice.

Because of its folksy touch ‘Vaada Mapillai’ certainly makes a quick impression. And when you look at the singers’ list, to your surprise you find Tippu and Vadivelu’s names!. A quirky combination indeed!

Those musically freakish cuts, those impish touches in the tune and the foot-tapping beats, everything highlights the arrival of another hit album in Devi Sri Prasad’s music to suit Vijay’s persona. The rest of the magic will have to be viewed on the big screen.

1. vaada mapla – 1.85 Mb

2. Dhillana – 2 Mb

3. Jalsa remix – 2 Mb

4. Rama Rama – 1.50 Mb

5. Sare Gama – 2 Mb

6. Akelesthe – 2 Mb